Army Reserve - Supply Technician

  • Army Reserve - Supply Technicians (Stores Persons)

    *** This position is eligible for the Canadian Army Reserve's Guaranteed summer employment plan. Any new member to the Canadian Army Reserve will be offered 4 months summer employment for their first 4 years in the reserve (1 May to 31 August or 123 days). This ensures a reservist working part time during the academic year and full time in the summer will receive at least $17K in compensation plus be eligible for $2K in tuition assistance. Contact the recruiter below for more information.The guaranteed employment offer applies to all reserve occupations, not just the position below.

    Supply Technicians ensure that all of the supplies and services necessary for Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) operations are available when and where they are required. They handle a variety of items such as food, fuel, heavy machinery, spare parts, stationery and clothing.

    The primary responsibilities of Supply Technicians are to:

    • Manage the purchasing, warehousing, shipping, receiving, stock control and disposal of obsolete stock and equipment
    • Receive, handle and prepare items for shipment
    • Operate military vehicles weighing up to 10 tonnes and materials-handling equipment such as forklifts
    • Process invoices and prepare shipping documents
    • Order material from internal and external sources and purchase supplies
    • Deliver supplies and provide services to operational units
    • Perform recordkeeping, stocktaking and inventory control
    • Maintain accounting and financial records
    • Process and coordinate repair and disposal functions

    Related civilian occupations

    • Contract Administrator
    • Purchasing Officer
    • Warehouse Supervisor
    • Material Manager

    Career Progression

    Basic Military Qualification 

    The first stage of training is the 4 week Basic Military Qualification course, or Basic Training. For Reservists, this training could be spread out over weekends from September to April, or full-time from May to August. This training provides the basic core skills and knowledge common to all trades. A goal of this course is to ensure that all recruits maintain the Forces physical fitness standard; as a result, the training is physically demanding. After this course, Supply pers would often go on to a second Military Land Qualification course, driver and basic signals (radio) training course. Training as in Supply often occurs in the second summer, or second half of your first summer in the Reserve.

    Basic Military Qualification - Land Course

    After Basic Training, Army recruits go to a Military Training centre for the Basic Military Qualification - Land Course for approximately 2 weeks, which covers the following topics:

    • Army Physical Fitness
    • Dismounted Offensive and Defensive Operations
    • Reconnaissance Patrolling
    • Individual Field Craft

    Basic occupational qualification training

    Supply Technicians attend the Canadian Forces School of Administration and Logistics in Borden, Ontario. Training takes approximately 70 days and covers the following topics within the CAF supply system:

    • Inventory control, stocktaking and accounting procedures
    • Requesting, receiving, issuing and warehousing materiel
    • Handling and accounting for petroleum, oils and lubricants
    • Handling and accounting for rations
    • Accounting for ammunition
    • Materiel and services procurement
    • Processing of materiel for repair and disposal
    • Financial management procedures
    • Budget management
    • Supply operations
    • Materiel identification
    • Preparation of requisitions
    • Warehouse stock location system
    • Use of materiel handling aids
    • Military correspondence
    • Processing issues and receipts
    • Computer operation and maintenance
    • Loan procedures
    • Preservation and packaging of materiel
    • Serially numbered materiel control and accounting
    • Supply-related administrative and support functions

    Specialty training

    Supply Technicians may be offered the opportunity to develop specialized skills through formal courses and on-the-job training, including:

    • Instructional Techniques
    • Parachute Packer/Rigger
    • Control of Hazardous Material
    • Hazardous Material Packaging
    • Storage and Packaging
    • Special Packaging

    Advanced training

    As they progress in their career, Supply Technicians who demonstrate the required ability and potential will be offered advanced training. Available courses include:

    • Military Contracts
    • Internal Audit Procedures
    • Personnel Management
    • Material Management
    • Budget Management
    • Business Planning Process

    Who We Are

    21 Electronic Warfare Regiment (21 EW Regt) is the Canadian Forces only Land Electronic Warfare unit. Unique when compared to most capabilities in the Canadian Army, the organization is structured with both the Regular Force and Reserve Force components of the capability together in one ‘Total Force’ unit.

    Electronic Warfare involves the Intercept, Location, Analysis and Jamming of a potential enemy’s communications on the modern battlefield.  To fulfill our mission, we combine the training of Communicator Research Operators, Intelligence Operators, ACISS (Signal) Operators, and several Support Trades to meet our tasks.  Most of our Signals and Intelligence trades have also taken extensive additional training courses directly related to EW equipment and processes.  The unit frequently deploys both formed units and individual specialists in support of Canadian Forces Operations abroad as well as Exercises in Canada, and around the world with our Allies.

    21 EW Regt’s Reserve Electronic Warfare Squadron (214 EW Sqn)

    The primary role of the Reserves is to augment, sustain and support the Regular Forces at home and abroad. Reservists train and work at a unit close to their home and are not obligated to move or to serve overseas, as is typical with the Regular Force.  However, many of our members have chosen to deploy on Operations and Training both at home and abroad, often with the Regular Force portions of the unit or with other CF formations when positions are available.

    The high pace of 21 EW Regt offers excellent opportunities for the Reserve members of the unit to train, exercise and further develop their skills while remaining in the Kingston Community.  Many members of the Reserve in the unit started as students and have remained with the unit for an extended period in addition to their civilian employment, or transferred to the Regular Force after completing their education.

    For information on Canada’s Reserves and the employment opportunities with this unit in particular, those in the Kingston area should contact the unit recruiting staff whose  information is below. Tours and information sessions are conducted regularly. The Canadian Army has recently taken over the responsibility to process its Reserve applicants, so potential recruits for the unit will now be screened directly by 21 EW Regt in an expedited manner.  

    Recruiting Staff (for Information about Joining the Reserve component of the unit)


    Telephone:                    613-541-4434

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