Mechanical/Electrical Technicians


    Mechanical/Electrical Technicians

    Occupation Tasks

    Do you:

    • Have a passion for machines and all things mechanical
    • Love robotics and servos and computers and machining
    • Want to use Solidworks 3D to design machines with thousands of parts
    • Want to make PLC's and computers control machines
    • Remember the content from your dynamics and kinematics classes :-)
    • Watch the wild and crazy programs on the discovery channel

    Are you:

    • A motorcycle or car mechanic trapped in a designer's body
    • An innovative inventor type
    • Really hands on and love to build what you design
    • Good with tools
    • Good with math
    • Capable of working in a high intensity team environment
    • Ready to really dig in and learn, be tenacious and face the challenge
    • Wlling to reside in or near a small town in Ontario
    • How many of the above items can you check off?

    We are:

    • Compendium Group Inc.
    • An engineering firm that designs and builds custom machines and automation equipment
    • On the leading edge of high speed packaging, robotics and automation
    • Fully integrated with everything under one roof
    • Located in Prescott, Ontario


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