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Website Programmer

  • Rate of Pay Amount / Range Rate of Pay Amount / Range: Negotiable
  • City City: Kingston or Ottawa
  • Rate of Pay Rate of Pay: Hourly
  • Positions Available Positions Available: 1
  • Type Type: Full Time
  • Duration Duration: Contract
  • Avg. Hours/Week Avg. Hours/Week: TBD

Project Overview: 

We are designing a website to do French language training for public servants and other government workers. The site will be comprised of multiple-choice questions with an explanation of the answer, videos showing how the grammar works, and other French language requirements to prepare for the federal public service French exam. We anticipate about 10-20 videos needing to be placed on the page after it is designed and 600+ multiple choice questions with rationale behind why the right answer was the answer. The videos are 1-5 minutes each. We already have the design in draft on paper but are looking for someone to build it. We are particularly interested in using Google Sites because of the low cost, ease of maintenance, and domain privacy. However, we are open to other ideas. 

The site will feature a landing page with an introductory video, some marketing information, and the ability to create an account. Persons wishing to access the site will require an ability to log in and pay the subscription fee. The fee is good for 1 year. We will need to be able to collect taxes as per each province’s different GST/HST requirements. We will require a payment mechanism.

We also want to be able to offer subscribers a referral fee when finding others to join the site and an option to get tutoring and pay for hours of tutoring. Advice on how best to transfer the referral fee to the user would be appreciated. Could be done as a refund to their subscription, or etransfer back to them via email, or something else. Referral fees also need to be able to be provided to people who are not subscribers just as affiliate links work for Amazon.

We do plan to recommend some training materials and at some point in the future will require an Amazon affiliate link to grammar books, etc.

We are open to low cost learning management software such as Moodle if needed. Moodle offers an ability to do easy customization of the material we wish to teach. However, it is not required if there are other ways to present the information and questions.

This is a contract job with the possibility of additional work.

Simplicity is a key requirement. Simplicity in design and use is required. SEO is an important characteristic for our site even though most marketing will be done through word of mouth. We want public servants and prospective public servants to find the site doing a google search.

Aim: Create an easy-to-use and easy-to-change website that teaches French language grammar. Learning through videos and quizzes.

Target Market: Persons with minor French language ability seeking employment and advancement with the federal public service and military. Advancement can mean thousands of dollars of extra or promotion pay for those using the site and increasing their exam grades on the federal public service French exam.

Intent: We intend to teach to the exam and this will be said upfront.

Site Requirements:

  1. Administrators with limited website experience (e.g., used WordPress a few times but not regularly, can learn Moodle, etc.) will be able to change the site and questions on the site. This includes adding and deleting videos, adding and deleting questions, changing the subscription price, and adding add-ons such as purchasing private tutoring lessons.
  2. A payment mechanism
  3. A password recovery system that is automatic
  4. SEO for persons searching for Public Service French Exam Preparation and related terms (more terms to be given).
  5. Possibility for follow-up assistance after launching. For this, please provide how much your hourly rate will be after we accept the project as completed. Other options such as monthly subscription rate is also an option or a block book of hours for a certain rate.
  6. A handover to 1-3 administrators as part of this contract that will show the administrators how to change the site.
  7. Mobile friendly preferred so people can practice on their daily bus commutes.


  1. We would prefer not to use a high end educational software system. Such software can be an option if it is simple and low cost (e.g., Moodle is free). Our research suggests that most classroom software systems carry far more functions than we require and can be expensive. We are open to multiple choice quiz software pending cost. Include in your application how you would show multiple-choice questions on the site.
  2. We are a lean organization so we focus on low cost and simplicity.

Application Requirements

Just tell or show us how you would:

  1. Create the site including what software or system you would use
  2. The price you wish to charge
  3. The number of hours/weeks you expect this to take
  4. The price for any additional services after this project is done

Resumes are appreciated if you have experience. If no experience, that’s fine too, just tell us about your educational or experiential background to building something like this or your approach. Cover letters not required. Email explanation is fine. If you are a student or new programmer, we encourage your application as we want to support new entrepreneurs and students making new portfolios.

Based on submissions, we may ask to see a demo, sketch, layout, or example if you are shortlisted.

Contact: Gordon Bennett, Project Manager

Email submission to:, copying

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