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Research Projects Advisor

  • City City: Kingston
  • Rate of Pay Rate of Pay: Salary
  • Positions Available Positions Available: 1
  • Type Type: Full Time
  • Duration Duration: Permanent
  • Avg. Hours/Week Avg. Hours/Week: 35

Queen’s University is seeking an individual with a post-graduate degree and research experience to join the Vice Principal Research Portfolio and Research Services team as a Research Projects Advisor supporting faculty members in natural sciences, applied sciences and engineering disciplines. Research represents one of the most dynamic elements of the university enterprise, and Research Projects Advisors are an integral part of this central team. We aim to be an essential catalyst for advancing research and knowledge mobilization, strengthening Queen’s local, national and global impact.

The Grants team of Research Projects Advisors provide expert advice, training and administrative support and services to a diverse and interdisciplinary cohort of faculty members throughout the planning, review and submission (pre-award) stages of research funding lifecycle. As one of three Research Projects Advisors on the natural sciences and engineering team, the incumbent will join a thriving portfolio of partnership, interdisciplinary and discipline focused research activity but will also have the exciting experience of supporting researchers and their endeavors to build competitively funded research programs from diverse disciplines across campus.

The VP Research Portfolio is an extremely supportive work environment that practices inclusion, collaboration and teamwork, and where everyone is valued and supported. If you have the experience and interests mentioned above and embrace the opportunity to support our researchers in their research and innovation endeavors, we encourage you to apply.

A Brief Overview

Research Projects Advisors are members of the outstanding Research Services team within the Vice Principal Research Portfolio. They show initiative to collaboratively develop and deliver support and resources with a client-centric approach for the research community. Research Projects Advisors also support the mandate and strategic goals of the Vice Principal Research Portfolio through initiative development and targeted support for researchers.

Support provided to faculty members by Research Project Advisors includes, but is not limited to long and short term planning with researchers for successfully funded research programs, reviewing grant applications prior to submission, liaising with sponsor organizations to ensure full comprehension of application and funding requirements, providing guidance of proposal fit to a funding call, and reviewing administrative components of a funding application, such as budget for adherence to Queen's policy and sponsor terms and conditions.

Initiatives supported and led by Research Projects Advisors include the development and delivery of professional development training for the research community, for example with respect to emerging Tri-Agency policies impacting researchers and institutions, development and delivery of funding program informational sessions and resources for applicants, as well as support for researcher networking services and opportunities in the exploration and creation of dynamic research teams.

On a day to day basis, Research Projects Advisors may connect with colleagues for agreement development in partnership inclusive research projects, research security assessments and guidance, post-award implications of funding scenario, and/or certification compliance requirements given project goals. These collegial relationships are an integral part of the success of the entire Research Services team.

This position will primarily support researchers applying to the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) and other sponsors supporting natural sciences, applied sciences and engineering research either through discipline focused or interdisciplinary funding opportunities. Support for other disciplines may be occasionally required.

This position provides expert advice to members of the university regarding applications for research funding. This position works with new research groups, identifies funding opportunities, assists with applications, and acts as an advocate or liaison with a variety of individuals and institutions to increase participation and success rates for funded projects.

What you will do

  • Provides expert advice and resources to faculty members, faculty offices and non-academic partners to aid in the submission of successful applications for research funding.
  • Develops and implements strategies to increase participation and success rates for funding competitions.
  • Identifies and monitors funding opportunities appropriate for researchers and research groups.
  • Encourages and facilitates the formation of new research teams or groups around identified funding opportunities.
  • Serves as an advocate on behalf of faculty with agency/institutional staff, funding bodies, sponsors, governments, organizations, other universities, and/or community partners.
  • Liaises with representatives of other institutions and funding agency staff, regarding interpretation of guidelines and policies.
  • Plans and organizes a variety of workshops, training sessions, information events and programs aimed at increasing the success rate of applications and funded projects.
  • Other duties as required in support of the department and/or unit.

Required Education

  • Master's Degree or equivalent. In addition, requires a professional designation, certification, or other qualification, or on-going learning to remain ahead of changes in technology or emerging fields.

Required Experience

  • More than 3 years and up to and including 5 years of experience.

Consideration may be given to an equivalent combination of education and experience

Job Knowledge and Requirements

  • Knowledge of concepts and principles in a specialist field that is typically acquired through a combination of advanced professional or academic qualifications and/or significant work experience.
  • Provide expert advice, guidance and consultation on highly complex issues and/or where the outcome may be contentious.
  • Interaction with others requires highly developed interpersonal skills to effectively persuade, negotiate, counsel, and/or consult.
  • Adapt messages to meet the different needs of different audiences.
  • Prioritize and distribute work to deliver objectives on time and to the highest standard.
  • Identify in advance when the intended results may not be achieved and develops a plan to address the gaps.
  • Lead team and project meetings and develop team/unit and departmental project plans.
  • Lead procedural or technological change within a unit or across broader university functions.
  • Identify opportunities to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of work processes.
  • Anticipate complex challenges to ensure activities are completed on time.
  • Effectively leverage relevant data as input to making decisions.
  • Appropriately assess risks before making a decision.
  • Comprehensive understanding of what sexual violence, harassment and discrimination are, and their varying effects on diverse members of the community.
  • Question and take appropriate steps to address attitudes, macroaggressions and other behaviours which are discriminatory. Acknowledges and respects diverse cultural traditions, abilities and beliefs.

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