Part Time Now, Fulltime in Summer in the Reserve - 21 Electronic Warfare Regiment, Canadian Armed Forces Reserve

Job Details

Part Time Now, Fulltime in Summer in the Reserve

  • City City: Kingston
  • Rate of Pay Rate of Pay: Salary
  • Rate of Pay Amount / Range Rate of Pay Amount / Range: $124.40-$178.88 per day
  • Positions Available Positions Available: 20
  • Type Type: Part Time
  • Duration Duration: Permanent
  • Avg. Hours/Week Avg. Hours/Week: 12-40
  • Schedule Schedule: Evenings, Weekends
  • Education Education: High School

21 Electronic Warfare Regiment (21 EW Regt) exists to provide trained Army Electronic Warfare operators and support personnel to the Canadian Forces. We are the only Reserve Electronic Warfare (EW) Squadron within the Canadian Forces that is a part of the Regular Forces Regiment. This allows excellent opportunity for the unit and its members to train, exercise and deploy with both Regular & Reserve Force units throughout the country or eventually to voluntarily deploy overseas. Deployments occur both in their EW Specialties, and in positions related to their initial trades training. Electronic Warfare involves the intercept, Location, Analysis and Jamming of a potential enemy’s communications on the modern battlefield. To fulfill our mission, we combine the training of Signals Intelligence Specialists, Intelligence Operators, Signals Operators, and Support Trades to complete our tasks. Both Signals Intelligence Specialists and Intelligence Operators then go on to take a series of additional courses directly relating to EW equipment and process. Many of our members have chosen to serve in various NATO mission around the world, but deployment either domesticly or overseas is not a requirement for these positions.

There are several reserve positions available at 21 Electronic Warfare Regiment. Please contact us for an invite to an information session online or in person, which will include information on how this job and its various trades we will train you in can fit with current students and recent graduates.

Unit members start at a daily rate of pay of 124.40 and with allowances will earn over 17K for this May-Aug summer. Typically, Reserve Force members continue to work and train with their home unit for one evening per week and two weekends per month, from September to April of each year. At 21 Electronic Warfare Regiment initial training will center on common military skills followed by specialization in tactical Electronic Warfare or one the related support trades involved at the unit.

Candidates must be Canadian Citizens or Permanent Residents between 16 and 53 who are prepared to undergo both physical and classroom training. Specialty training is delivered in a pattern easily matched to the availability of Post Secondary and Sr high school students. Workers in the gig economy, those whom are underemployed or are between positions have all been successful on an ongoing basis with this mixed part and full time position. Not all training must occur during summer blocks of full time service. All positions are open for permanent residents, however the application process will take longer for some trades than others while background checks are completed.

Applications may be started now by going directly to the Canadian Forces Website at the link below, and you are still welcome to attend an information session after completing the online application. It is possible to change the trade and position you have applied for at several stages in the application process if you are unsure of which trade offers the best experience for you.

When asked for a reserve unit recognition code, please use 4935, or in the next questions say yes you have a reserve unit of interest. Type 21 and select 21 Electronic Warfare Regiment. When your online application is completed, please email us so that we can expedite scheduling the rest of your application process. Students who use an address outside of Kingston should always contact us after completing the online application, or their application will first be seen by staff in other cities, causing a delay.

Perks & Benefits

  • Dental care insurance coverage
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Advantageous pension plan
  • Paid holidays
  • Great benefits
  • Tuition reimbursement or payment for seminars and classes
  • Educational assistance
  • Career planning and development
  • On the job training
  • Additional training available
  • Training opportunities
  • Team building courses
  • Regular performance reviews
  • Professional development
  • Excellent growth and advancement opportunities
  • Free uniforms or uniform cleaning
  • Gym, Spa or Yoga Membership
  • Wellness programs
  • Company sponsored/subsidized events such as trips to athletic events, concerts and hikes
  • Service recognition program
  • Free parking (car or bicycle)
  • Commuting/travel assistance
  • Generous parental leave
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