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Basic Website Builder

  • City City: Kingston
  • Rate of Pay Rate of Pay: Negotiable
  • Rate of Pay Amount / Range Rate of Pay Amount / Range: 20
  • Positions Available Positions Available: 1
  • Type Type: Part Time
  • Duration Duration: Student
  • Avg. Hours/Week Avg. Hours/Week: 5

We are looking to hire someone with graphic design experience for basic web page design projects.  This will be for one or two contracts to build a functioning webpage for a business.  

You will need to have experience with a webpage-building program (such as Wix), domain registration, and be able to work with vector files for the page.  

The job will be temporary as a paid contract that you will be able to work on your own time.  The budget is between $500 and $1000 per page, depending on experience and complexity.  In addition to payment, you will gain entry-level experience with contracts, invoicing, and web and graphic design.

Please don't hesitate to ask questions to Kris at:

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