Communicative Disorders Assistant - Connections Early Years Family Centre

Job Details

Communicative Disorders Assistant

  • City City: Windsor
  • Rate of Pay Rate of Pay: Salary
  • Rate of Pay Amount / Range Rate of Pay Amount / Range: $50,000
  • Positions Available Positions Available: 1
  • Type Type: Full Time
  • Duration Duration: Permanent
  • Avg. Hours/Week Avg. Hours/Week: 35
  • Schedule Schedule: Days
  • Education Education: College

Connections is a charitable organization that advances the healthy development of families and their children 0 - 6 years through family centered support, early learning opportunities, early identification, and intervention services in English and French.

In the role of Communicative Disorders Assistant (CDA), you will:

  • Conduct newborn hearing screening using Automated Distortion Product Otoacoustic Emissions (ADPOAE) and Automated Auditory Brainstem Response (AABR) in hospital and/or community settings, while adhering to protocols and performance standards set by the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services (MCCSS).
  • Provide therapeutic treatment services and education sessions to children and families in a variety of modes (individual, group) under the supervision of a Speech-Language Pathologist.
  • Produce and maintain monthly documentation in accordance with program policies and professional standards.
  • Educate families, caregivers and other community service providers with regards to communication disorders and the Preschool Speech & Language Program.
  • Participate in the planning of Centre program goals, objectives, policies, procedures including fundraising activities that support the overall service of the Centre.


  • You will report to the Executive Director in terms of your overall responsibilities and the Preschool Speech & Language Program Manager for day-to-day operations, with guidance from the Regional Trainer for the Infant Hearing Program.

Employment Requirements

  • Hours: 35 hours per week
  • Evenings and weekends may be necessary.
  • Must be able to travel between community sites in Windsor-Essex County and main office.
  • A current Criminal Record Check (including Vulnerable Persons) must be provided.


  • Communicative Disorders Assistant (CDA) Diploma
  • Relevant experience working with infants & preschool children and families
  • Eligibility for membership in the Communicative Disorders Assistants Association of Canada (CDAAC)


The incumbent must demonstrate:

  • knowledge of current evidenced-informed and best practices in communication disorders
  • experience in facilitating various modes of service delivery for intervention (individual and group)
  • philosophical commitment to the purpose and values as stated by the organization
  • understanding of the principles of family support
  • adherence to established standards of professional practice and personal conduct
  • aptitude for learning, understanding, and following the infant hearing screening protocol and operation of hearing screening equipment


The incumbent must demonstrate the following skills:

  • excellent interpersonal and conflict resolution skills as well as the ability to maintain effective working relationships with staff, staff of community agencies and community members
  • ability to maintain strict confidentiality in performing their duties
  • excellent teamwork skills and the ability to contribute to a positive, harassment-free workplace that respects diversity
  • ability to work with diverse populations, multidisciplinary teams and community partnerships
  • ability to work independently and to organize time and workload effectively in a complex environment
  • excellent verbal, non-verbal and written communication skills
  • ability to use the program electronic filing system and digital universal newborn hearing screening form independently following training/orientation

Physical requirements and environment of this position include the following:

  • Attend various work locations at community sites located in schools, childcare centres, EarlyON Centres, hospital, etc.
  • Sit for prolonged period at a workstation and use office equipment and computers.
  • Ability to easily get on or off the floor, sit on child-size furniture, stand for long periods, bending to screen/support small children and newborns.
  • Be able independently move, lift, and transport assessment and therapy materials between community sites as well as push a cart and move to different floors/locations in multilevel buildings.
  • At all times maintain and promote a safe and clean working environment for all employees, students, visitors, as well as children and family members.

Mental Demands

There are a number of deadlines associated with this position, which may cause stress. This position has minimal sustained direction in carrying out responsibilities and duties.  

Perks & Benefits

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Connections is a charitable organization that advances the healthy development of families and their children 0 - 6 years through family centered support, early learning opportunities, early identification, and intervention services in English and French.Connections exists so that our youngest children are supported through meaningful opportunities to play, grow, and discover. In the 50 years since its creation by local volunteers, Connections has become an exceptional resource for children, families, caregivers, volunteers, and community agencies in Windsor and Essex County.Connections is located in Windsor, Ontario which is situated on the traditional territory of the Three Fires Confederacy of First Nations, which includes the Ojibwa, the Odawa, and the Potawatomie peoples. In acknowledging the Indigenous Peoples, many of whom continue to live and work here today, we are sharing our friendship, respect, and appreciation of the resources we have received from the land. Play isn’t just about fun – its about learning too. Our space is welcoming and accessible, with something for every family and their young children. When we play together, children explore their world and build critical skills that bring a lifetime of benefits. We provide engaging indoor and outdoor environments, all to enrich children with the stimulation to fire their imagination and support their learning and social skills.Grow and learn about your child’s development. Big change starts small – during the first 6 years, your child’s brain develops faster than at any other time. It is a time when the building blocks are established. Whether you have quiet questions or want to know more about how to be the best parent you can be, we offer programmes and services that address your needs and help families grow together. Discover opportunities for early learning and responsive caregiving. Nurtured children are the consequence of nurturing adults: to invest in children means also investing in the people around them – the parents, caregivers, grandparents, early years workforce, volunteers and more. Knowledge and skills are important, but so too is wellbeing. We create connections and partnerships with other community agencies to help families access services and maximize the resources available to them. We invite families of all shapes, sizes, and circumstances to access our network of support. Our ValuesAs an organization we are:Family-focused: We consider what is best for everyone in the families we support so they can grow and learn together.Inclusive: We recognize individual strengths, respect opinions, and honour and value diversity in a space that is welcoming and accessible.Responsive: We get to know the families and stay close to what the parents, children, and communities need so we can proactively design flexible and useful services. Innovative: We are brave in leading new approaches and programmes that can benefit families in our community and beyond.Advocates: We are a respected voice for the needs of children and families, and champion policies that will support them to thrive in the future.Commitment to Equity, Diversity, and InclusionConnections is for everyone. We celebrate the diversity of the world and are committed to including every race, colour, national origin, ancestry, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, or ability in our activities. In our ever-changing and increasingly diverse world, Connections fosters environments and programmes that are accessible, equitable, diverse, inclusive and celebrate different ways of knowing.  We are committed to the following principles:• Accessibility: We provide an accessible, welcoming, and user-friendly space that continuously works towards meeting the needs of families, staff, volunteers, and visitors (physically, developmentally, emotionally, financially).• Equity: We strive to ensure meaningful engagement opportunities that are fair, open, and respectful while addressing any imbalances.• Diversity: We recognize that individuals uniquely represent different social and historical backgrounds; we invite families, staff, and volunteers interested to participate in and guide us in the continual development of programing offered at Connections. We are keen to continually learn, incorporate, and celebrate cultural perspectives in the programming offered.• Inclusion: We incorporate a family-centered focus that aims to reduce barriers and create a safe and welcoming environment for our families, staff, and volunteers.• Different ways of knowing: We strive to foster a sense of belonging and empowerment by listening to our families, staff, and volunteers. We proactively find ways to support and encourage people with no voice, facing incredible challenges to raising their families, and find ways to work with them to identify and recognize what support they need.