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Communicative Disorders Assistant

  • City City: North Bay
  • Rate of Pay Rate of Pay: Hourly
  • Rate of Pay Amount / Range Rate of Pay Amount / Range: $24.91 - $29.40
  • Positions Available Positions Available: 3
  • Type Type: Full Time
  • Duration Duration: Contract
  • Avg. Hours/Week Avg. Hours/Week: 35
  • Schedule Schedule: Days, Evenings
  • Education Education: College

POSITION SUMMARY: The Communicative Disorders Assistant will work under the supervision of assigned Speech Language Pathologists to ensure coordinated delivery of rehabilitation services within an interdisciplinary, family-centered environment. Assistants will be responsible for: implementing therapy programs; providing training to children, youth and their parents; and ensuring documentation is consistent with agency standards.


- Prepare therapy and education materials to support screening, assessment and intervention

- Support the recommendations made by supervising Speech Language Pathologists in the implementation of therapy programs

- Assist the Speech Language Pathologist in training of children, youth and their parents or other support personnel

- Provide fun intervention and innovative therapy activities to target communication goals based on the child's interests and abilities

- Provide evidence-based therapy intervention while tracking progress with proper documentation

- Other duties as assigned 

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